Contemporary kitchen is the most common choice among our clients. It reflects the latest trends and can be easily adjusted to customer needs combining both functionality and splendid design solutions. Contemporary style doesn’t have strict rules. It follows the current trends borrowing elements from various styles including classic, modern, loft, minimalism, hi-tech, eco and art deco. The main idea here is to match the customer’s vision of a perfect home and bring the feeling of comfort and harmony.

The advantage of contemporary style is that it has almost no restrictions regarding the color. However, designers prefer to use neutral or even restrained and calm shades of white, gray and beige that can be easily combined with natural materials such as wood or stone.

Contemporary style suits any size of the kitchen whether it is small or large one. High-quality furniture and built-in appliances will help to efficiently use square meters and void clutter. Streamlined design and high functionality is the underlying theme of contemporary kitchen.

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