Neoclassical style is a modern interpretation of classic and antique styles, where functionality and convenience take over decorativeness and pretentiousness. It is perfect for those who is looking for a compromise between conservative English classics and practical minimalism.  Same as in classic style, here the special attention is given to the design of small details, such as: handles, sockets, kitchen accessories. It brings cozy and warm feelings to the kitchen interior, while overall maintaining the balance of modern practicality and elegant sophisticated design. 

The elegant color palette of neoclassical style is gentle and leans toward noble pearl, cream, gray-beige, sand tones and all shades of white. They are perfectly combined with wooden furniture, golden and silver accessories, crystal chandeliers and create the atmosphere of an English palace.
Neoclassical design suits spacious kitchens with high ceilings. Its clean and elegant lines give a light, airy and spacious appeal to the interior. As for the décor it favors the elements that highlight opulence, such as mirrors, flowers, artwork and decorative molding on walls and ceilings.

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