When it comes to the texture the best thing about designing a unique urban kitchen is fusion! While incorporating a number of natural elements, it is also common to find materials such as quartz, granite, wood, or composite stone in an urban kitchen design. Mixing and matching is what modern urban kitchen design is all about.

In urban kitchens you will find things like flat-front cabinets; stainless steel appliances, islands that also serve as dining tables, industrial lighting, and plenty of other “hard” elements, which naturally flow into another space in the home, using the open concept as a way to make it look larger and a way to make everything in the house connected.

Industrial and urban go hand and hand. Industrial lighting made of hard metals is especially popular in urban kitchens adding extra highlight hanging over the island or eating area.
While choosing accessories don’t limit yourself to posters, wall hangs, ornaments, books, statues, plants, etc. There is nothing more urban than a brick wall filled with artwork and photography.

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